Thinking of changing your or your child’s name by Deed Poll?

Our service to you

An expertly drafted and fully complete legal Deed of Change of Name quality printed on textured vellum paper and carrying our seal of authenticity.

  Deeds for adults (+16) and children (-16)

  Dispatched by first class mail

  Generally sent within 48 hours of your order when on-line payment is made or from receipt of postal payment (cheque or postal order)

  Example letters for you to use when notifying record-holding organisations about your / your child’s change of name

  If you wish, and without charge, we archive your executed Deed Poll and so can supply legal certified copies in the future if you need more - or lose the originals!

  Free advice on any questions you may have direct from our own skilled staff. Not call-centres working from a script!!

  Our Deeds are accepted by all government departments, banks and financial Institutions - in fact everyone. Money back guarantee.

Changing Names offers you this high quality service for an all inclusive price of £9.00

There is nothing more to pay

Changing Names make applying for a Deed Poll quick and easy using this specially designed website that guides you through the application process at every stage.
Absolutely no legal or technical knowledge is required.
All you need to do is sign, have your Deed Poll witnessed, and it's ready to use.

Certified Copies

Many organisations to notify of your name change?
Need additional copies?

We can supply certified legal copies of your Deed once signed and witnessed if wanted. Allows you to notify several organisations at once rather than wait for your Deed to be returned each time before sending elsewhere.
Order on-line at the same time as the Deed Poll itself or after you receive it using the order form which we enclose with your Deed.
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Inferior Deed Polls

Seen slightly cheaper Deed Polls supplied by e-mail for you to print?

A Deed of Change of Name is something to be proud of and is a document you will need to keep for many years. Deeds from Changing Names are printed for you on high quality textured vellum, carry our company seal and are sent to you by first class mail.

Why accept an inferior Deed Poll?

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